Dick has left the building (Hangar)


The end of an era. Dick and Liz's Chipmunk DGZ last day at Coldstream airport as it heads to its new home at Tocumwol Airport. Beautiful clear blue skies to send them on their way. On to new adventures.



I learned to fly with Dick in 1973. Since then we have become good friends. Dick’s knowledge and humor through 40 years of his participation as a flying instructor  and mentor to Coldstream airport as well as his passion towards the Airport has been quite remarkable.


On a personal basis, he has been my go to man on any technical matters for many years. Interestingly Dick has lead the charge as the voice of general aviation and logic in matters of CASA reform. We at Coldstream and especially his aviation students from all 40 years back were lucky to share Dick Gower’s knowledge.

Liz, I know we stole your man from you on many occasions to help us out. Enjoy your retirement and we are coming to Tocumwal to see the new chipmunk home.

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Cheers Jamie Doake

Vale Dr Barry Walters

Vale Dr Barry Walters


Have just been advised

Wake will be held 6th Nov 2016 at the KNOX CLUB at 1.00pm


As many will know, Barry had a passion for collecting and restoring old cars.  Some years ago we were having a cup of coffee in Yarra Glen when he spoke longingly of a 1920’s American LaFrance fire engine in original condition that was on the market.  To put it mildly, it was not cheap but clearly he would get a lot of pleasure out of owning such a unique vehicle.  So I remarked, not too pointedly I hope,  on the number of boy’s toys that were owned by various people we knew and asked, as a medical opinion, how much remaining useful life did he think we all had left to enjoy them.  (In aviation terms out estimated time to run or TTR).  He did not really answer but only days later, on the highway near Lilydale, I saw a most unusual red open top vehicle up ahead.  It was Barry in an American LaFrance fire engine.  At a time like this I am seriously glad he took the hint.


I would often contrive a practice forced landing on his airstrip at Yarra Glen asking the student whether they would like a coffee at the “lean-to” in that paddock down there and watch their reaction when Barry started the espresso machine and delivered barista standard coffee with cheese and crackers.

Sadly we will never again be pouring him a Drambuie (with two ice blocks please) and debating the merits of the Australian flag or whether Ned Kelly was a folk hero or a cold blooded murderer.barry-2013-in-cfa-2

Dick & Liz Gower


clipping from 2009

VERMONT South doctor Barry Walters is so proud of the number of procedures he has performed over the past 30 years that he has a sign on the fence listing the tally. Those procedures are vasectomies, and while the sign boasts 10,000 snips, the total is far greater because the doc's been too busy assisting with family planning to focus on town planning and get a permit from Whitehorse Council for a new sign. The real tally is 13,000 vasectomies, making Dr Walters Australia's busiest practitioner, with men flying in from Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Fiji, Papua New Guinea and Vanuatu to go under the knife, or as the logo of the Dr Walters Vasectomy Centre depicts — the scissors. The doc wants to install a digital sign so he can update the tally at the end of each day but he's too swamped with medical paperwork to put his mind to council paperwork. "If I could find someone who did permits, I would do it straight away," he told Diary. Dr Walters, a chipper 75-year-old, not only has a zest for snipping but also for flying his Tiger Moth and tending to his farm. The vasectomy tally on the fence is a constant source of amusement for passers-by and Dr Scissorhands is never short of a quip. When people ask what he does, he says: "I'm in plumbing — men's plumbing." Those who know him call him Tchaikovsky — "Because I run the nutcracker suite". Then there's his firm handshake: "It's because of the work I do." Those 13,000 patients were very grateful for that


49% Scale TigerMoth


This para caught my eye
We were also informed of the flying activities of the Pakenham and District Aircraft Radio Control
Society.  They operate model aircraft with wingspans up to 3 metres, others at speeds
exceeding 200kph, at heights to base of CTZ, ie, 8500', 7 days a week.
 The location of their base is 30 Fowler
Rd Cardina and it is marked on the VTC with "paper plane symbol" and an 'M'.
Be aware of where they fly, how high fast and large they can be.
There will be a lot of activity on the weekend 6 and 7th Nov when they have a rally and competitions.
Really 8500'  !!!!!!!
I Know of one model that is 49% scale Tiger Moth
Scratch / Kit Built Scale Rally & Diorama Competition November 5 & 6 2016 Mario Scerri getting his big Tiger Moth ready for the big weekend. On line entry is now available onwww.pdarcs.com.au/scalerally  Flying open to kit and scratch built models only – no ARFs.

CFC Newsletter – October 2016




Well the September rain has played havoc with the plans of Aero Clubs and their events across several states. After all the hard work and efforts of the various members, Maryborough had to cancel their Wings and Wheels event and Kyneton has had to cancel their Air Show which a lot of flyers were really looking forward too.


The rain might have slowed aviating, but it has not stopped it. Tyabb Aero Club continue to have their Saturday BBQ and Shepparton hosted a Ladies day which was well supported for AWPA. A couple of planes headed to Oz-Kosh at Narromine and below is a first hand account from Nathan Hornsby, First Officer of Hornsby Airlines (8 years old).

NARROMINE airshow!!!

On Friday the 7th of October dad and I went to the airshow that was at Narromine airport. Dad said to me “do you want to go to school or do you want to go flying” (Narromine here we come!!) we left Coldstream at 12.30pm and flew direct to Narromine to the airshow. The weather was FANTASTIC and we set up the pop up tent under the wing, Dad and I looked at all the airplanes. We catched up with Matt Wreford at about 6.00pm and had dinner at the flying club and dad had fish n chips and I had chicken schnitzel (YUMMY) and after that we were greedy and had 8 packet of chips to share and I had a chocolate bar (and dad and matt had lots of beer and they both were tipsy.) we went back to the ten and there were a lot of stupid mosquitos everywhere.

In the morning I woke dad up at 6.30much to his discust and we had some brekkie and had another look around. We stayed until the air display finished at 1.30pm and headed home. We landed at Coldstream Dad made three landings in one. (he needs a bit more practise)

Thanks dad and Matt for a great trip.


CFC will be holding the 2016 Wings Night on 26th November 2016.


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Every Friday night – Social Pizza night at Coldstream Club Rooms

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15th October 2016 – Temora Antique Celebration

16th October 2016 – Porepunkah Flyin lunch – RSVP Katrina: 0412 092 597 by the 10/10/16

23rd October 2016 – Kyneton Airshow CANCELLED

23rd October 2016 – HMAS Cerberus Open Day – to us it is this PRD zone near Tyabb. http://www.navy.gov.au/event/hmas-cerberus-open-day-2016


19th November 2016 – 1.00pm AOPA will address a forum on proposed AVMED reforms at the Tyabb airfield.

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Wings Night – 26 November 2016


26 November 2016

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