Feb 2017 Comp day

Marty Gazolla set a high score early but we still had a dozen others chasing

Fantastic first comp day Congratulations to all.
Great to see some faces from RVAC enjoying the day Thanks for the support.

Thank you for all being eager to get these comps running again

A lot of things went really well and we learned some lessons.

We got the software working in multiple places and the hope for the future is for everyone to see it real time on their own phone or iPad. In the mean time here is a pdf of today's results.

Thank you, to all that helped with and without being asked.
Thank you to all that did work before the event in the planning
Big thanks to the flying school(YVFT.com.au), instructors and Club observers for getting the comp to run.

The aim of today was to find a routine and set the process in place so if someone does not turn up the whole thing still runs.

Did anyone take any PHOTOS at all?

we need people to advise if they are able to make the PSE next Sat on the 18th at Kubla in Ringwood.
Cut off is wed for final numbers please to Yolande, please

We also need to get people registered on the footy tipping site
here http://www.footytips.com.au/comps/CFC_Footy_Tipping&p=ycem2017


The main thing is to be safe and have FUN

Here is a test booking sheet for next month

Please try it out to help us get it better.  Put your name in 2 box's one for the plane and one for the Inst/Obs. Obviously in the same time column

It will be cleared the week before the next comp day --12th Mar

and a proper link will be setup for a live booking sheet for you to committ to





Welcome to 2017!

The members of Coldstream Flyers have been off to all sorts of places on flying adventures over the Christmas New Year period. Jason Pigdon visited from QLD and a great BBQ get together was held at the club rooms. Some flew to SA and back along the coast, others have done lunch at Kyneton, visited Porepunkah and of course attended the Hangar lunch celebrations for Dick & Liz Gower and Jamie Mitchell.


HANGAR LUNCH / Weekend – Ray Jenkins

It was a great weekend with good friends.  Jamie did the spit roast and it was even better than his usual excellent efforts. Many friends pitched in, carved meats and made sure potatoes were cooked. Liz had already rallied her oven and troops and laid on a base feast of magnificent nibbles, with a plethora of cakes , pavlovas and desserts.

We almost had to shackle Liz to a post to stop her running around, making sure everyone was well fed.

Jamie and I were treated to a couple of night circuits with Anthony exercising his new NVFR rating, was magnificent Muzz !

We then all retired to the 'verandah' to listen to stories and 'gild the lilly' on some retelling occasions.

The Toc aero club loaned chairs and tables for the occasion and brought their monthly breakfast forward a week so the pilots overnighting could enjoy a hearty breakfast of eggs, bacon and grilled tomatoes before departing. Their support and help was much appreciated .

A most memorable weekend, thanks again to Liz and Dick Gower and Jamie Mitchell for a most excellent time.


It has also been announced that the Competition Days will be started again at YCEM through the Coldstream Flyers to be held at the Club Rooms. These Competition days happen every second Sunday each month with the first one on the 12th of February 2017. A BBQ breakfast will kick the competition day off at 10.00am and volunteers to run the day will be required at the start, middle and end of the day for setup, BBQ, kitchen, pack away etc. If you are a student you will need to book an instructor and a plane, if you are a PPL you will need to source a plane only. So if there is any part of the day that you are able to assist please email jennifer@ycem.com.au  . We will forward more details closer to the date, but please put it in your calendar and keep an eye out on your emails for information.


Just a note from the Committee, we have Kestrel Aviation using our club rooms over summer in the support of aerial fire bombing. So PLEASE make sure you wash your dishes, put them away, put your rubbish in the bins and keep our club rooms tidy for us the members and for our guests from Kestrel. Please say hi to them, they are a great bunch of guys. Anyone is most welcome to vacuum, sweep and tidy up. We do not have a roster for these duties so if everyone pitches in the Club can only be a better and brighter place sharing the workload.



Yarrawonga Australia Day BBQ. 26 January 2017

Australia Day Inverloch Fly-in- Wooden Boat Festival

The organizers have enquired whether owners of classic or vintage planes could attend on Thursday 26th, Friday 27th or Saturday 28th January. If able to do so it would be greatly appreciated.

The program would be they fly in to Bunurong Field just west of Inverloch (ALA details and photos of Field below), do a fly over Andersons Inlet late morning, land and have a cuppa/lunch, another fly over early afternoon and then go home.

For landing, pilots are not to use runway 17, powerlines are 15 metres high on the boundary. Preferred landing runway 27 or 09. There is a white cross on the threshold of 17, the power line markers have not been installed yet, hopefully up by the end of January.

Australian International Airshow, noon Fri 3 March-Sun 5 March
We are all aware of this major airshow. Details at

The thrust and grunt of the latest military heavy metal will take centre stage at AIRSHOW 2017. The stars of the show will be state-of-the-art jet fighters, bombers and giant heavy lift leviathans from home and abroad. See them so close you could almost touch them. Shudder to the roar of their mighty jet turbines as they perform high octane routines and simulated combat manoeuvres. Marvel as swarms of attack helicopters join in the fray.


TYABB – Every Saturday Sausage Sizzle

Every Saturday the Peninsula Aero Club have a sausage sizzle, so pop in and say hello at the Tyabb Airfield. Sausage ready to go at lunch time.



Do you have news or events that you would like to contribute to the CFC newsletter? Emailjennifer@ycem.com.au and let me know!



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Presidents Xmas Message

Xmas 2016

Hi to you all , it's been Chocks away,  and another year has flown by.

The weather has been fun this year but none the less many days have been great for flying.

The Friday nights have had steady attendances and at times many have turned out to socialize. That is an important part of any club, and may it continue to grow. The PFE,s and PWE 's have also been well attended and much fun has been had by those that attended .

The Blues train weekend was a success and looked like fun , as the photos and video showed !!

The wings night also had a terrific attendance of 85 and was a great night to be involved in. congratulations to all that received an award or two and to those that organized and helped out.

It was our pleasure to have Scott Taberner and his wife Emma along and to hear about Scotts aviation career as Lame ,Antiquer / restorer and Airline Pilot .         

What about next year.

We would like to see the club competitions  resurrected At ycem - CFC and also look to getting the Inter-club comps going again . PAC have to have a chance at getting the trophy back. Also I believe Mal Andrews will have the order book out for some club clothing etc early in the year, so get your order in fly the club colors.

I would like to thank the committee of loyal People that always do a fantastic job for another good year. Special mention to Colin for always getting the information out and keeping it coming out. It's a thankless task that we all appreciate Col. 

Happy Christmas , Happy Flying and stay safe .

Regards, David Porter

Bob's Annual End of year Spit Roast

We have arranged for the ACMA SIM TRUCK to be open near the carpark from 11 to 4 for those that wish to have a go at flying in a SIM
More info on truck here

Xmas Lights 2016


Park Valley Drive Chirside Park is worth the look tune radio hear music

XMAS LIGHTS in Eastern suburbs 2016  

Blues Train 2016

The Coldstream Flyers and their partners had a fabulous weekend away at Point Lonsdale staying at a local Guest House. No planes were involved but going by the speed of some of our members on their bikes, had there been a little more wind we may have seen a few bikes flying in the sky!

A few of us walked from Point Lonsdale to Queenscliff and back, some rode and a few drove. The weather was not looking the best in the morning but by lunchtime we had plenty of sunshine.

The Blue’s Train was the highlight of the trip. The Bongo’s transported us to Queenscliff Station around 6:00 p.m. where we stocked up on beverages and had dinner served on the station platform. Once everyone had eaten dinner, we were on our way.