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Just in from RA-AUS ASIC


Important changes to ASIC processing         13 June 2017
Over the last couple of months RAAus has been keeping members informed regarding changes to the system of issuing ASICs. Please see the following resource for updates on these changes: Identity Security Regulatory Amendments
One option RAAus was exploring as a result of these changes was working with CFIs to provide assistance to members when renewing or applying for an ASIC. Following further investigation and review, the RAAus Board has taken the decision to no longer be an issuing body for the purposes of ASIC.
The new system carries with it complex, and what RAAus believes to be, onerous changes. As an example, face to face processing requirements will inconvenience our members and place pressure on our CFIs. The processes are both burdensome and administratively heavy with no obvious safety or security improvement. Implementing the new changes would add unnecessary cost to RAAus meaning the delivery of this service has essentially become unsustainable.
Furthermore, the risk placed onto our CFIs, staff and the Board has been assessed as too great for RAAus to accept. As an example, as an issuing body, anyone processing an ASIC application will be required to identify fraudulently prepared and forged documents and there are penalties for failure to take all the steps necessary to identify such documents. RAAus does not believe this is the role of our organisation.
Therefore, from 1 August 2017, RAAus will no longer accept applications for an ASIC or renewals for an ASIC, including applications from RAAus members.
Any application lodged before this date will be processed in accordance with the current arrangements.
To assist members after 1 August 2017, RAAus will provide a list of ASIC providers on our website.  Please click here for your closest Issuing Bodies.
Please direct any inquiries regarding ASIC changes to kelly.stirton (at)
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AGM Sunday 30th July 2017

Coldstream Flyers Club Inc.
P.O. Box 22
Coldstream Vic. 3770

Membership Payments

To all existing Coldstream Flyers Club members
If you wish to renew your membership before the AGM Sunday 30th July 2017  10.00am

EFT payments can be made to
Coldstream Flyers Club Inc.
CUA (Credit Union Australia)
BSB: 814282
Account: 030752719
Description: your name
Cash & credit card payments can be made before the meeting starts at 10:00 am
Flying membership: $85.00
Family membership: $115.00
Student Membership: $55.00
Social Membership: $40.00
(social membership does not have voting rights)
Those wishing to join the CFC may fill out an application form at the AGM but cannot be approved until the next available general Committee meeting.

Regards, Ross Frame
Secretary – Coldstream Flyers Club

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MMM June 2017

Coldstream Presidents report.

Good day to all the Coldstream flyers,
 Activity at the club has been consistent over the last few months with good weather most weeks and weekends with many out and about. Congratulations to the CFC Comp team that took on the inter-club competitions and came away with a back to back win. Let’s hope we can get the trifecta next year. “Well Done”.
Friday nights get-togethers seem to be well attended and consistent as well and seeing that is always good.
The important thing as the membership year comes to an end and we are getting close to our A.G.M, One major change that will affect us all is our membership fee increase.
This has come about due to the club having to take out a hangar insurance policy. This cover is for its members and their visitors while around the airfield. The operators of the airfield have for some time now had concerns and we on the committee agree this is the responsible action to take. The club has always maintained a low fee structure and will always keep it fair but as the club grows so will the costs around it. I believe our low fee structure is in comparison to other like club/organisations.
Annual Renewal subs are now as follows:
I’m looking forward to seeing you all at the A.G.M and to another year of great fun and tales around the CFC fire ” Thanks, Chuck ” Its an Awesome winter addition “.
Regards and Happy cloud dancing.
Dave Porter
 some of the usual suspects found on a Fri night in QANTAS A380   LAX – MELB
Hang on guys who’s flying !!!
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2017 May Comp results

Hi everyone

Well done team a group of CFC pilots ventured down to Tyabb on Sat for the handing over of THE TROPHY from PAC to CFC on there turf.  We would have like students to take advantage of this to see what happens outside the training area but alas no takers. A big thank you to PACfor starting the ball rolling with interclub comps, it takes a lot of time and effort behind the scenes to pull this off, I can tell you personally its a big effort from a few people so please support.


Thanks to everyone, who helped and participated. We would have loved to have a few more students attempt it, even if they were assisted by the instructor or observer. Remember this is all about having fun. We have a huge range of talent to call on and students will learn something new every time they compete or ride in the back seat.

This was a real learning curve for everyone, including the comp boss for the day, as it is one of the hardest to do well. Our scoring system for this comp does need refining and simplifying.

I have gone back over the comp sheets from today and re-counted and equalised the way I interpreted the sheets so they were scored equally. There were a couple of small changes and as we do not play for sheep stations it should not offend anyone.

I hope everyone had a great fun day and those that did not compete missed a very interesting day.  I will update the Championship points tomorrow so look for and update on that.

Cheers Colin

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Sorry to Chris Rasmussen in the rv3 for the rabbit that caused the go round, hope it does not stop you coming to see us …

All please comment below……. Col