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Competition Results

June Comp Update 2017

Hi All

A great turn up rate for a long weekend Sunday. With fine stable conditions, we put on a columnless comp to test your skills and nerves.

I am pretty sure everyone had a great day, thanks to the team effort with the food and BBQ. As they say many hands make light work, so if you see something that needs doing please jump in.

Here is a summary up to  the May comp

and the leader board in May and Mike overtakes Marty after Marty’s solid start right from the beginning of the year .

and June comp

and the new June Champ Board.

and Marty takes the lead back

Cheers Guys hope you had a great day out.

I hope to see some nice shots from Em, to post here with here new camera in action.

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MMM – Newsletter April 2017

Hi All
Great effort by  YCEM in a show of force  10 members offered to compete in the interclub comp at Tyabb today.
Frank J
Scott (first comp, well done)
Mike Welsh
Mike Davies
Frank A
It could have been 12 but a disabled a/c caused 2 to pull out  Matt and Dave
We would have liked to have seen a few more students attempt this and also experience something outside the training area.
PAC as always, cooked like no tomorrow and made sure no one went without food.
Thank you to the PAC members and friends that set up and organised the event the day went well.
Great to see faces that are becoming familiar, we are looking forward to setting up a return comp for the interclub challenge.

2017 May Comp results

Hi everyone

Well done team a group of CFC pilots ventured down to Tyabb on Sat for the handing over of THE TROPHY from PAC to CFC on there turf.  We would have like students to take advantage of this to see what happens outside the training area but alas no takers. A big thank you to PACfor starting the ball rolling with interclub comps, it takes a lot of time and effort behind the scenes to pull this off, I can tell you personally its a big effort from a few people so please support.


Thanks to everyone, who helped and participated. We would have loved to have a few more students attempt it, even if they were assisted by the instructor or observer. Remember this is all about having fun. We have a huge range of talent to call on and students will learn something new every time they compete or ride in the back seat.

This was a real learning curve for everyone, including the comp boss for the day, as it is one of the hardest to do well. Our scoring system for this comp does need refining and simplifying.

I have gone back over the comp sheets from today and re-counted and equalised the way I interpreted the sheets so they were scored equally. There were a couple of small changes and as we do not play for sheep stations it should not offend anyone.

I hope everyone had a great fun day and those that did not compete missed a very interesting day.  I will update the Championship points tomorrow so look for and update on that.

Cheers Colin

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Sorry to Chris Rasmussen in the rv3 for the rabbit that caused the go round, hope it does not stop you coming to see us …

All please comment below……. Col


Feb 2017 Comp day

Marty Gazolla set a high score early but we still had a dozen others chasing

Fantastic first comp day Congratulations to all.
Great to see some faces from RVAC enjoying the day Thanks for the support.

Thank you for all being eager to get these comps running again

A lot of things went really well and we learned some lessons.

We got the software working in multiple places and the hope for the future is for everyone to see it real time on their own phone or iPad. In the mean time here is a pdf of today’s results.

Thank you, to all that helped with and without being asked.
Thank you to all that did work before the event in the planning
Big thanks to the flying school(, instructors and Club observers for getting the comp to run.

The aim of today was to find a routine and set the process in place so if someone does not turn up the whole thing still runs.

Did anyone take any PHOTOS at all?

we need people to advise if they are able to make the PSE next Sat on the 18th at Kubla in Ringwood.
Cut off is wed for final numbers please to Yolande, please

We also need to get people registered on the footy tipping site


The main thing is to be safe and have FUN

Here is a test booking sheet for next month

Please try it out to help us get it better.  Put your name in 2 box’s one for the plane and one for the Inst/Obs. Obviously in the same time column

It will be cleared the week before the next comp day –12th Mar

and a proper link will be setup for a live booking sheet for you to committ to


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