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Xmas and wings night

Presidents Xmas Message

Xmas 2016

Hi to you all , it's been Chocks away,  and another year has flown by.

The weather has been fun this year but none the less many days have been great for flying.

The Friday nights have had steady attendances and at times many have turned out to socialize. That is an important part of any club, and may it continue to grow. The PFE,s and PWE 's have also been well attended and much fun has been had by those that attended .

The Blues train weekend was a success and looked like fun , as the photos and video showed !!

The wings night also had a terrific attendance of 85 and was a great night to be involved in. congratulations to all that received an award or two and to those that organized and helped out.

It was our pleasure to have Scott Taberner and his wife Emma along and to hear about Scotts aviation career as Lame ,Antiquer / restorer and Airline Pilot .         

What about next year.

We would like to see the club competitions  resurrected At ycem - CFC and also look to getting the Inter-club comps going again . PAC have to have a chance at getting the trophy back. Also I believe Mal Andrews will have the order book out for some club clothing etc early in the year, so get your order in fly the club colors.

I would like to thank the committee of loyal People that always do a fantastic job for another good year. Special mention to Colin for always getting the information out and keeping it coming out. It's a thankless task that we all appreciate Col. 

Happy Christmas , Happy Flying and stay safe .

Regards, David Porter

Bob's Annual End of year Spit Roast

We have arranged for the ACMA SIM TRUCK to be open near the carpark from 11 to 4 for those that wish to have a go at flying in a SIM
More info on truck here

Xmas Lights 2016


Park Valley Drive Chirside Park is worth the look tune radio hear music

XMAS LIGHTS in Eastern suburbs 2016