MMM June 2017

Coldstream Presidents report.

Good day to all the Coldstream flyers,
 Activity at the club has been consistent over the last few months with good weather most weeks and weekends with many out and about. Congratulations to the CFC Comp team that took on the inter-club competitions and came away with a back to back win. Let's hope we can get the trifecta next year. "Well Done".
Friday nights get-togethers seem to be well attended and consistent as well and seeing that is always good.
The important thing as the membership year comes to an end and we are getting close to our A.G.M, One major change that will affect us all is our membership fee increase.
This has come about due to the club having to take out a hangar insurance policy. This cover is for its members and their visitors while around the airfield. The operators of the airfield have for some time now had concerns and we on the committee agree this is the responsible action to take. The club has always maintained a low fee structure and will always keep it fair but as the club grows so will the costs around it. I believe our low fee structure is in comparison to other like club/organisations.
Annual Renewal subs are now as follows:
I'm looking forward to seeing you all at the A.G.M and to another year of great fun and tales around the CFC fire " Thanks, Chuck " Its an Awesome winter addition ".
Regards and Happy cloud dancing.
Dave Porter
 some of the usual suspects found on a Fri night in QANTAS A380   LAX - MELB
Hang on guys who's flying !!!


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