Coldstream Airfield Past, Present and Future

The Doake Family initiated plans in recent years to see Coldstream Airfield develop and improve its recreational flying and flight training facilities in keeping with its friendly and rural atmosphere.

Last year we started a new hangar development block giving opportunity to aircraft owners to build a 15m X 15 m hangar. With two hangars built and demand growing very quickly for the remaining five sites this year we may well see further sites made available.

Realising that many airfields were keen to utilise the Regional Aviation Funds offered by the State Government and Minister Gordon Rich-Philips we put some feelers out to see what it was that Coldstream needed most. The answer was a sealed runway and taxiway to give the airfield all weather capacity and reduced stone damage. The decision was made for the family to finance this fantastic improvement that we had only dreamed about in the past. Now this is a reality the airfield is really getting excited about what might be happening in the future.

We are working closely with the Coldstream Flyers Club to look at how we can provide improved facilities for both flying and social members. We know we have a very passionate group working on these ideas with us and look forward to what we can make happen.

The Yarra Valley Flight Training operations is going from strength to strength offering come and try days for those who maybe be aspiring to gain their wings.

The airfield has certainly come a long way since its humble beginnings in the 1960’s, come along to our open day on the 7th of June 2014 to enjoy a BBQ and see our new sealed improvements you can also meet the some Coldstream flyers.

For information on hangar sites please contact:


The Doake Family

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