June Comp Update 2017

Hi All

A great turn up rate for a long weekend Sunday. With fine stable conditions, we put on a columnless comp to test your skills and nerves.

I am pretty sure everyone had a great day, thanks to the team effort with the food and BBQ. As they say many hands make light work, so if you see something that needs doing please jump in.

Here is a summary up to  the May comp

and the leader board in May and Mike overtakes Marty after Marty’s solid start right from the beginning of the year .

and June comp

and the new June Champ Board.

and Marty takes the lead back

Cheers Guys hope you had a great day out.

I hope to see some nice shots from Em, to post here with here new camera in action.

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MMM – Newsletter April 2017

Hi All
Great effort by  YCEM in a show of force  10 members offered to compete in the interclub comp at Tyabb today.
Frank J
Scott (first comp, well done)
Mike Welsh
Mike Davies
Frank A
It could have been 12 but a disabled a/c caused 2 to pull out  Matt and Dave
We would have liked to have seen a few more students attempt this and also experience something outside the training area.
PAC as always, cooked like no tomorrow and made sure no one went without food.
Thank you to the PAC members and friends that set up and organised the event the day went well.
Great to see faces that are becoming familiar, we are looking forward to setting up a return comp for the interclub challenge.

2017 May Comp results

Hi everyone

Well done team a group of CFC pilots ventured down to Tyabb on Sat for the handing over of THE TROPHY from PAC to CFC on there turf.  We would have like students to take advantage of this to see what happens outside the training area but alas no takers. A big thank you to PACfor starting the ball rolling with interclub comps, it takes a lot of time and effort behind the scenes to pull this off, I can tell you personally its a big effort from a few people so please support.


Thanks to everyone, who helped and participated. We would have loved to have a few more students attempt it, even if they were assisted by the instructor or observer. Remember this is all about having fun. We have a huge range of talent to call on and students will learn something new every time they compete or ride in the back seat.

This was a real learning curve for everyone, including the comp boss for the day, as it is one of the hardest to do well. Our scoring system for this comp does need refining and simplifying.

I have gone back over the comp sheets from today and re-counted and equalised the way I interpreted the sheets so they were scored equally. There were a couple of small changes and as we do not play for sheep stations it should not offend anyone.

I hope everyone had a great fun day and those that did not compete missed a very interesting day.  I will update the Championship points tomorrow so look for and update on that.

Cheers Colin

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Sorry to Chris Rasmussen in the rv3 for the rabbit that caused the go round, hope it does not stop you coming to see us …

All please comment below……. Col


Trophy time …

There are TWO!! events on for CFC members this weekend!!


On SATURDAY at TYABB there will be a presentation of the trophy from the inter-club competition – with CFC to be the proud recipients after WINNING the competition!

There will also be the usual BBQ. Arrive around 12pm for the trophy presentation at 1pm!




On SUNDAY at Coldstream will be this month’s competition!


Here is  a link to the PRE booking sheet for the 21st May 2017 and current club ranking.


Please be aware if the weather is bad for any flying for more than 50 % of the day, a wet weather comp will be held and counted towards the annual Club championship.



All members and Students are encouraged to come to Tyabb this Sat

Please use this sheet to show interest in taking a plane and Pax on Sat


Visit Coldstream Flyers Club here:


Website: www.ycem.com.au


Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/coldstreamflyersclub/


Email sent on behalf of Coldstream Flyers Club Inc. A0046961P


Avalon2017 MW

Avalon 2017 was a big success for our little Colt winning the ‘Best Contemporary Aircraft’ award (1954 – 1970) from the GA Society. Sunday morning, Angus in VH-ITE was delayed leaving Coldstream with Heather Brennan and myself (and one other) because of low cloud at Avalon, so we missed the departure briefing at Avalon and the presentation of awards at 10:00am.
After arriving at Avalon I was approached by the judges around 11:30am, suggesting that I hunt down the above mentioned trophy. It was a wonderful surprise to me but a real compliment to the Keith Morgan (previous owner) and Scott Taberner (our Guest Speaker in November) and Jimmy Williams of Classic Airplanes Albury, who rebuilt the Colt and it’s engine in 2006. We are the lucky beneficiaries of that restoration and are only too happy to keep one of these beautiful old aircraft in the public eye.
Concourse Awards
  • Spirit of the Airshow: – Tim Brownridge’s Stinson
  • Best In Show – Antique: – Mike Dalton’s Cessna 195
GA/Airsport Awards
  • Best Presented Classic: – Matt Henderson’s O-1G Birddog
  • Best Presented Contemporary: – Chris Ashdowne and MikeWelsh‘s Piper Colt
I managed to achieve a couple of personal milestones as well. Ten years ago I left my Dad’s old 16mm movie film reminder at John Pettit’s hangar at his property, Wooloomanata, behind the You Yangs, after showing him and a few other members of the Antique Aeroplane Association of Australia, dad’s aviation movie footage from the 1950’s. I kept in touch with John and threatened that one day I would fly into Wooloomanata and pick it up again. On Thursday last week I managed to finally achieve that goal when the Antiquer’s congregated at Wooloomanata for a mass fly-in arrival to the Avalon show. Unfortunately co-owner Chris Ashdowne was not able to be present due to personal commitments.
I’m still training for my PPL so to fly in to Avalon main strip (with Ian Ryan instructing) was a huge treat. And to top it off, fly UYS solo back on Sunday was even greater. The plane was at 1,500 feet but I was at about 50,00 feet!
Congratulations to Heather Brennan as well. She faced the same trauma flying in on Wednesday and putting the Tecnam P92 on display for YVFT. And thanks to all the people who have supported me with their words of encouragement and coaxing. Particularly Ian, Ray, Muzz, Gavin, Bob and Chris.
One thing I have worked out through this experience is just how many people admire the little Colt. I’m still trying to pin down what the X factor is but I think it is something to do with the neat simple design and the classic smell and stance of a contemporary aeroplane. She has Chris and I hooked.
I must have had about a dozen young kids (and big kids), jump into the left hand seat and sit there planning their path into a flying career, including a distant relative (Dean Bedford) who made it through to PC9’s in the RAAF and has 400 hours on gliders. I think I have him convinced to get back into it and stop having babies. Let’s hope those younger ones go on to fly F35’s.
As for the rest of the show, well, after 12 times at Avalon the F22 display is still nearly the best. Nothing yet has been as impressive as the 1995 SU27 Cobra Strike or Bob Hoover’s Shrike Commander dead stick display. Even watching Malcolm welcome the two new F35’s 01 and 02. My distant relative mentioned above, went through his training with the pilot of 02 (WGCDR Andrew Jackson) but Dean couldn’t cope with the navigation component and bombed out. If only.
Now for the AAAA National Fly-In at Echuca on 17th March.
Onwards and upwards.

Mike Welsh